Lecture En Duo, Lors De La Soirée Lecture En Duo, Lors De La Soirée "presque Papous Dans La Tete" ©nuits Noires À Aubusson, La Creuse
©Lecture En Duo, Lors De La Soirée "presque Papous Dans La Tete" ©nuits Noires À Aubusson, La Creuse
Black nights in Aubusson

Black nights in Aubusson

June 2 to 4, 2021

The streets of Aubusson grow cold and dark… For 3 days, at the end of May or beginning of June, the thriller is in the spotlight during this unusual festival.

Nuits Noires AubussonNuits Noires Aubusson
©Nuits Noires Aubusson|Philippe ESTERELLAS

At the origin: thriller lovers

Created in 2007 by a group of teachers who love thrillers and wanted to pass on their passion to their students, and to (re)give them the desire to read, the Nuits noires d’Aubusson take place in the heart of the city for 3 days. To each place, its workshop, and here film projections, conferences, readings and shows, spread through the streets of the city.

The highlight of these three days is the awarding of the prize to the winner of the high school thriller prize, selected by demanding jurors, having debated for months on the designation of the winner.

A busy program, and a long work upstream

Writing workshops for middle school students, followed by a reading of their works, literary and musical evening, forensic identification workshops on the Felletin market, authors’ dedications, literary evening based on verbal jousting and awarding of the detective story prize given by the students. The 3 days of the festival are well charged and like a good thriller, strong in twists and turns!

Jean-Bernard Pouy, author of thrillers and director of the collections “Suite noire” and “Vendredi 13”, is the honorary and prestigious president of the festival, since its creation. It is moreover he who leads the climax and closing of the festival, with “Les Presques Papous dans la tête”, parody of the France Culture show where he will delight you with his acerbic puns that make his mark.

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