La Naute De Nuit, La CreuseLa Naute De Nuit, La Creuse
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La Naute

La Naute

From spring to fall, the Naut’Active association makes the banks of the Naute pond swing! La Naute is a place apart, a place to discover without waiting, where conviviality and freedom are a must.

L’étang de la Naute, a place where life is good

First it’s the countryside, the forests and the ponds. Then the riverfront paths, the charming villages to be discovered at random while walking, and the treasures to be unearthed in the brocantes. Finally, nature, to which we have left its place, and brings us comfort and health. Welcome to Sud Creusois!
Bicycle ride, nap under a tree, take time to live… and bond with this land. Beware, you may succumb to its charm, you are warned, few people resist it!”
The members of the association Naut’Active welcome you from spring to autumn, and prepare for you, each season, a animation with small onions!

For your days, it offers children, teenagers and adults various activities and original to live fully its vacations ( circus, dance, musical awakening, theatrical improvisation workshops and courses,…).

La Naute is a pond, concerts and it’s Les Copains d’abord !

La Naute, it’s not just a pond, it’s much more than that. Boat phrase ? Go there, spend an evening, and you’ll see! Start your day on the beach, relax, swim. Then comes cocktail hour, where the festivities begin. Les Copains d’abord, a restaurant by the pond, becomes a gathering place. There, we eat well, the fondu Creusois is an unavoidable break, and we have fun! With a hyper active animation of concerts and a ambiance of old and welcoming friends, you won’t be disappointed!
On the evenings of shows, the chef offers you a unique dish, in accordance with the theme of the show for a music-themed cuisine: Jamaican, Cuban, Thai… The chef is a globetrotter and makes us relive his travels in your plate!

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