Oeuvre En Cours D'un Élève De Masgot ©j.damase, La CreuseOeuvre En Cours D'un Élève De Masgot ©j.damase, La Creuse
©Oeuvre En Cours D'un Élève De Masgot ©j.damase, La Creuse
Sculpture workshop in Masgot

Sculpture workshop in Masgot

Where better than in Masgot to learn about sculpture or stone carving? Every summer, the village of Masgot holds 5-day workshops to learn how to work with stone.

In the footsteps of François Michaud

In the village of François Michaud, a popular artist of the 19th century, whose trace is still intact in this village that he carved in a thousand places, come and learn about this complex art. This self-taught stonecutter, ahead of his time, sought to embellish the village in which he lived throughout his life. Drawing inspiration from his daily surroundings, this man illustrated his life and times in the granite of Masgot.

Taking on and transforming a block of granite is not given to everyone, the techniques will be passed on to you by professional sculptors, who will take turns throughout the summer, to accompany you in your modeling, so that at the end of the course you will have created the work of your choice, and know how to handle the rudiments of sculpture.

Choice teachers

Three professionals of stone work, will guide you in turn in the art of sculpture and carving works for construction or decoration.

Marcel Chalumeau, Carzo, among other artists will teach you, each in their own way to carve bas-relief, basins, or even fireplaces… It’s up to you, you are free, on the advice of the course masters, to create the works of your choice.
No prerequisites are necessary, so you don’t have to be an ace draftsman to try the adventure!

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