Vtt Descente Jump, La CreuseVtt Descente Jump, La Creuse
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The 4 puys downhill mountain bike rally

The 4 puys downhill mountain bike rally

The rallye des 4 puys which gathers during 2 days mountain bike downhillers is one of the 6 major mountain bike events in Creuse, Limousin, France

Why a downhill mountain biking event in Creuse!”

Simply because the Creuse and in our case the Monts de Guéretare a real playground for outdoor sports!
Explanations: the Monts de Guéret mainly group the Maupuy (683 m), the Chiroux (689 m) and between the two, relief, relief and more relief! Of course the mountain bikers of the area took hold of the place, a Mountain Bike Area with a downhill track was born, a club recognized for its dynamism and its champions (Creuse Oxygène) animates it.

The rally of the 4 puys, La Creuse: downhill paradise!”

For 2 days often in March, the Creuse and the Monts de Guéret become the downhill paradise. Several events (5 including an urban one) are organized and a final ranking is used to decide between the best downhillers. Non-timed links are planned. The organization of Creuse Oxygène provides everything: shuttle, meals, etc.
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