The Mad’Jacques

The Mad Jacques, the largest hitchhiking race ever organized, returns to the roads of Creuse for its next edition, June 10 & 11, 2023. 2500 participants, a dozen starting cities, one day to reach a small village by hitchhiking, a festival at the arrival.

The Giant Hitchhiker’s Race

In 3 points:

  • 1 spot for a micro-adventure roadtrip through France
  • 1 day to hitchhike to a small village in the Creuse
  • 24 h festival-kermesse at the finish line: Concerts | Adventure | Terroir

In a few words:

The Mad Jacques, is the embodiment of the idea of micro-adventure in epicurean events.On June 10 & 11, 2023, it is several thousand pairs that will set off from a dozen cities in France to try to hitchhike to a small village lost in Creuse. Beijing-Express better and without the cameras!

The story

The Mad Jacques is the embodiment through hitchhiking and the small roads of Creuse of the idea of micro-adventure: adventure is not the prerogative of Bear Grylls and expeditions to Kamchatka, no need to tackle your dem and explode your carbon footprint to live strong moments, adventure can be lived from home, on a weekend. It can be simple, short, easy to access.

Launched in 2017, the Mad Jacques is a collective adventure carried by the DavaïDavaï adventure races (Mad Jacques, Bad Bertha, Check Maurice) and the ÇaPasseÇaPasse association, a collective of micro-adventurers, in charge of the festival’s programming.

Info / registration:

  • 450 km and 7h24 of travel on average
  • 1 festival in the village at the finish line: a mix between a giant kermesse and a hip festival. 3 stages, 15 concerts, a market of local producers, dozens of animations and inspiring speakers (Antoine de Maximy in 2018, Matthieu Tordeur in 2019, presence of Nans de Nus et Culottés in 2021), storytellers etc.
  • Accommodation in tents or teepees
  • Bus transportation to the starting points on Sunday evening
  • Registrations starting at 59€ (for early bird)
  • Nus & Culottés sponsor