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Lake Vassivière

Lake Vassivière

Lake Vassivière is often compared to Canada so much its forest landscapes, its islands and peninsulas evoke it. So why not try the experience by scheduling a vacation or a weekend in Vassivière?

A true seaside resort!

With more than 1,000 ha of water, several beaches including those of Broussas and Vauveix, several ports, Vassivière is THE accessible seaside resort in the heart of France. Moreover, the area falls under the coastal law. You can’t make that up…

With all its infrastructure and 47 kilometers of shoreline, one might doubt the efficiency of transportation. That’s without counting on the boat cabs which take you from one point to another of the lake for free. Once you put the car down, you are free to move around as you please. Better yet, if you’re on vacation there, the cab boats also take your bike on board.

For your walking, biking or morning jogging, the Shoreline Trail runs along the lake for 30km. More modest, the interpretation trail of the Puy de la Croix moor presents 2.5km unveils landscapes shaped by man and traces the history of agricultural life in the past.

As far as sports activities are concerned, you won’t be disappointed: sailing school, canoe, stand up paddle, windsurfing, wake board, water-skiing, open water swimming, everything is possible in Vassivière!”

Leisure and entertainment

It’s all year round or almost! Sports, culture, exhibitions, workshops, the list of animations is long and varied. The site also regroups several events of national scope. In sport, we can only mention the SwimRun, the Vassivière half-marathon, the French open water swimming cup, regattas, the traversée du Limousin en VTT

The festivals are also legion. We will especially remember thefestival Destination Ailleurs on the island of Vassivière in July – August, the Festival Folie les mots (Faux-la-Montagne), the intercultural festival of Storytelling in Vassivière “Paroles de Conteurs” (in August on the Island of Vassivière). Finally, the exhibitions organized at the centre international d’art et du paysage make this place a must-see of the local cultural life.

Shoreline trail around Lake Vassivière (30km)

Here is a great idea-rando, whether you are on foot, mountain bike and even horseback, it is possible to make this magnificent walk : an original trail, discovering Lake Vassivière, shores and panoramas as far as the eye can see on nearly 30 km of adventure between woods and moors, banks and peaks, footbridges on stilts, arms of the lake, dyke flush with the water and granite plank bridges. In addition to its main loop, there are also several variants, just to extend the course and the discovery…


>> Even + leisure activities…

Vassivière also concentrates leisure infrastructures that we don’t necessarily expect in this corner of France, skate park, tree park. Finally we can’t talk about Vassivière without talking about fishing! Pike-perch, pike, trout, they are all there and waiting for you with a firm foot…

 Le Lac De Vassivière 23 Le Lac De Vassivière 23
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“For me, Lake Vassivière is a peaceful place, conducive to outdoor activities and lush nature, which offers visitors a real sense of freedom!”

Jérémie Boss, sports animator
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