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Jean-Louis Bordier

Pays Sud Creusois
Imagine, a large expanse of water that disappears into the horizon, a décor worthy of the untamed spaces of Canada and trails covering hundreds of kilometres. You're in Vassivière! Jean-Louis knows its secrets better than anyone, for a good reason…
Greeter Creuse - JL.Bordier

"Every nook and cranny of Vassivière"

After 25 years developing tourism in Vassivière, he's decided to have an active retirement! Involved in community activities in the southwest of the Creuse, it's with unfeigned pleasure he'll reveal to you his favourite spots and help you explore all Vassivière's nooks and crannies.

Coming back to the Creuse after having travelled extensively, it's in the land of his forefathers that he'll tell you about Vassivière.