A lake, a dam

The dam

Vassivière seems to have been inscribed in the landscape forever.
Yet it is an artificial lake built in the 1950s for the energy needs of France.

Vassivière seems to have always been a feature in the landscapes. However, it’s an artificial lake built in the 1950s for the need of energy in France.

If about fifteen homes, or “fires” as we say here, were destroyed for the flooding, hundreds more were built. The energy of the local men worked hard to make it live and to share it.

EDF offers to explore this indiustrial site, the dam operation, its history, the employee’s work and the water management during guided tours.

New : for a quirky and immersive experience, dive in the insides of the dam of the fun space at “Vassiviera” and try to save the inhabitants from a flood !