©Île de Vassivière©Michel Vaxiviere

The Island of Vassivière

Appearing in 1952, touristic since 1970 then artistic in 1983, it is today a beacon for the modern creative art in majestic surroundings where centuries embrass. The contrast is striking : authentic heritage on the ancient Vassivière domain can startle you with the large contemporary architecture of the International Art and Landscape Centre.

Roam the trails punctuated by trees as old as the land-art masterpieces ; “Skater” is a phospherecent land-artwork, go up the lighthouse;

Try an orienteering or geocaching adventure…

Surprising, unique, inspiring, contemporary, authentic


Breathe the smell of fresh bread cooked in a fireplace, the smell of plants with a thousand virtues of the herb garden. Wake your taste buds up with the local flavours, re-worked at the Pré du Lac restaurant or to take away at the island shop

Finally, with the family or as a group, the Art Centre workshops will show off your inspiration and creativity.

For the enjoyment of all, the island is pedestrian only, you can access it on foot, with the little train, or more surprisingly by taxi-boat.

An unforgettable excursion arousing your senses and imagination with no excuses to miss it !

… a concentration of Vassivière unfurled on one island !

The herb garden

Organic vegetable and medicinal garden, a mix of perfumes, of flavours and virtues of all kinds.

Here more than anywhere else, in the land of migrant stonemasons, women had strong connections with plants: ritual plants, cosmetic or medicinal, everyday herbs, witch’s plants…

The Herb garden on the Island of Vassivière, near the traditional bread oven, reinstated instead of the Vassivière family old gardens, testifies and pays tribute to this heritage.

Consult the “Carnet de jardin”


In the heart of the lake, 75ha of greenery where nature and culture mix, forests and meadows, ditches and banks, the island of Vassivière is an exceptional site equiped for orienteering. With family, with friends or with a club try out one of five themed free access trails, adapted for any level and stamp your markers (a total of 35).



A fun and free experience to explore, discover and leave the beatten tracks behind during a “high tech” treasure hunt.

With your 100% free app, go and search for 7 caches around Vassivière and over 400 trails in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The aim ? find the treasures and QR codes hidden in nature.

Choose your trail, let yourself be guided, answer the riddles and voilà!

Let yourself be surprised by the superb discoveries when diving in this captivating universe