Terra AventuraTreasure hunt


The Geocaching Terra Aventura is a treasure hunt organized around courses that offer enigmas to get to the final grail and find the treasure: little poïz’s deposited in well hidden boxes. There are currently 3 routes in Pays Sostranien…

How to play

Created 10 years ago in Limousin and now available throughout New Aquitaine, Tèrra Aventura is a giant outdoor treasure hunt that takes you on a journey of discovery of the nuggets of local heritage and the most beautiful walks in the region. Tèrra Aventura modernizes the concept of treasure hunting on the principle of a game that has become a true global phenomenon: geocaching. Your objective as a player is to find a QR code, hidden in nature, which will allow you to validate your route. But the path is strewn with riddles to solve to reach the final point. Once discovered, flash the QR code to get your first successes as apprentice terra adventurers in the form of virtual badges, and enjoy your victory with family or friends!

On the way, you will be accompanied by the Poï’z, little characters with strong characters who always have stories to tell! These little imaginary beings symbolize the theme of the walk: Zéfaim for gastronomy, Zouti for know-how, Zarthus for nature, Zabeth for historical heritage… Full of humor, and loving puns, they will lead you to discover surprising corners that are worth the detour

Tèrra Aventura (en français)
Tèrra Aventura (en français)
Tèrra Aventura (en français)

Among the 500 courses or “caches” available in New Aquitaine, three are to be discovered in La Souterraine and its surroundings. One of which is a nighttime trail and its famous Zenight badge that whets the appetite of many geocachers! All you have to do is download the 100% free Tèrra Aventura app to go on an adventure!

The 3 caches of the Pays Sostranien

  • Paul the Pilgrim who had lost the compass – La Souterraine – 2km
  • The pilgrimage of Sainte Eglantine – Noth – 4km
  • Night Commando, to the rescue of Bridiers – La Souterraine – 2.5 km