Trinite ©m.vaugelade, La Creuse 2Trinite ©m.vaugelade, La Creuse 2
©Trinite ©m.vaugelade, La Creuse 2|Simon Parouty
Summer exhibition of tapestries

Summer exhibition of tapestries

Every year during the summer, the walls of Aubusson’s city hall are adorned with tapestries for an exceptional exhibition.

Prestigious exhibition

The town hall of Aubusson, within its Art Deco-style building hosts an annual summer exhibition of vibrant tapestries.

Modern and contemporary pieces sit harmoniously alongside furniture from the 1930s: seats, armchairs, fireplace screens, banquettes… all covered in Aubusson tapestries.

Focused on contemporary tapestry, these exhibitions are always a witness to the ability of weavers and designers, to inscribe tapestry at the heart of our time!

The visit of this exhibition will also be an opportunity to come and see the monumental tapestry of more than 30m2, made in 2008, by a collective of weavers, after a work of Gérard Garouste “The Murex and the spider”.

Tapestry…a whole art

The city of Aubusson, international city of tapestry and woven art, thus adds to your journey, in the bewitching world of tapestry, which has been listed since October 1, 2009 as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, this modern temporary exhibition.

This worldwide recognition salutes more than 5 centuries of creation and craft work, it honors all the weavers who for centuries have worked for this demanding activity. Their know-how has spanned the centuries and allows tapestry to be a contemporary means of artistic expression.


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