The Wool Days

The Wool Days

October 28, 29 and 30, 2022

… the annual and unconditional appointment! The know-how and the whole wool industry are honored during these Wool Days in Felletin.

Unwind the thread…

The Wool Days are no longer to be presented. For 3 days, the professionals of the wool industry meet in Felletin, the cradle of tapestry, wool capital for the duration of a weekend to the delight of lovers of beautiful materials, lovers of yarn and “hand-made “.

Product natural, ecological noble, whose use dates back to the mists of time, wool regains its letters of nobility. A modern and creative material, it lends itself to all desires. It is woven, spun, knitted, felted according to the desires of its creator.

It is made into knitting yarn for warm and soft sweaters. It is woven, felted to give birth to clothing, jewelry, bags and so many unusual and resistant objects. It is also under the expert fingers of the weavers that the famous Aubusson tapestries, the great specialty of the region, are born.

Discover, exchange, learn, manipulate …

. a weekend to experience the material in contact with specialists, creators textiles, art craftsmen.

More than a hundred exhibitors, creators and wool craftsmen from the 4 corners of France come to Felletin to exchange and share their creations.

These 3 days are a unique opportunity to “put your hand to the thread” and learn about various textile practices alongside recognized professionals. Learn to spin wool on a spinning wheel, make a quilted blanket to spend a warm and cozy winter and even learn the precise and regular gestures necessary to make a tapisseriefrom an experienced lissier.

Experience 3 days of immersion in the land of wool to discover all the facets of an active wool industry and the creative talents of its protagonists.

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