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A day around Bourganeuf

A day around Bourganeuf

Since we can go outside at will, the weather plays tricks on us, swapping the beautiful sunny days of confinement for refreshing sleet. No matter, our landscapes are all the greener and more flowery. The vegetation is lush, worthy of the Amazon rainforest! A hooded jacket, a good pair of walking shoes and hop, we are ready to face the elements!

A day on the Millevaches Plateau is bound to be a change of scenery.

The plateau, its picturesque landscapes, its peat bogs, its pure water, its particular flora and fauna… it’s far away all that! But no, it’s right on our doorstep, right on the outskirts of Bourganeuf. So, let’s head out for adventure! We start with a hike in a beautiful place but… beware of calves, it climbs!

The circuit of Augerolles is really a must.

It takes us frombog to mills and from bridges to waterfalls… The link between these elements is the little Pic River whose water quality is exceptional. To tell you the truth, it is labeled “Wild Rivers”, because of its purity and the wild flora of its banks, without any trace of human influence. Beware, what serves as a setting for your hike is a real jewel.

That’s not all, but walking digs!”

That’s funny timing, just a stone’s throw from here, in Compeix, the little school has become an inn! It’s Loïc Bord who’s the cook. He cooks simple, delicious dishes that notably delight the workers all week. On weekends, the more elaborate cuisine is perfect for gourmet foodies (or gourmet foodies!). Above all, don’t hesitate to take a good look at the beautiful granite buildings of the village. It is famous for its quarries and stonecutters.

Portrait de Chef : Loïc Bord, Auberge du Compeix
Portrait de Chef : Loïc Bord, Auberge du Compeix
Portrait de Chef : Loïc Bord, Auberge du Compeix

On the way to America…

This is the village of Le Palais where a Cistercian abbey was established in the 12th century. There is no connection with the visit we propose at the end of the day, facing the abbey buildings. You may catch a glimpse of some ruins… Strange as it may seem, you will meet American plains bison.

Boarding is done on a military truck.

At the wheel, Florence, guide and mistress of the place answers all questions. The buffalo have no secrets for her. She knows everything and shares her passion with pleasure. The imposing animal can scare and Florence will tell you that it is wary and undomesticable. Right now,the bison are in the meadows with their moms. You have to admit that these balls of hair are pretty cute!”

Before leaving, Florence will suggest that you discover the crafts of the American Indians. You’ll be nice and small near the huge trophy. It will certainly make you want to have your portrait drawn beside it. The store offers the possibility to buy meat (fresh, vacuum-packed or frozen) or processed products such as pâtés and rillettes.

What a change of scene day! Beware of jet lag on the way back …

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