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Janine Meilleroux

Between Janine and Toulx Ste Croix it is a true love story that has lasted for several decades. To her husband who reproached her for preferring her native village to her husband, she replied “I think you married me to live in Toulx!”

“The church of her village”

Spend a moment with Janine and you will have only one idea in mind, to return to this village of 300 souls. Because don’t be fooled by appearances, your Greeter has some nice surprises in store for you!
She’ll lead you in the footsteps of a curious abbot who had a monumental tower built 70 years ago just to welcome tourists; you’ll discover a church cut in two guarded by Mercury and two lions several hundred years old.

Janine will tell you how, thanks to her grandfather and the hazards of life, she became a bit in spite of herself curator of Merovingian sarcophagi!
Finally, hold your ear out! Isn’t it Janine that you hear singing the beauties of Toulx-Ste-Croix?

To book your visit contact the Tourist Office in Boussac by tel: 05 55 65 05 95