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Andrée Rouffet-Pinon

Andrée has her two little Creuse madeleines clinging to her heart. One is her native village, at the source of the Creuse, Mérinchal at the gateway to the Puy de Dôme; the other is Chambonchard, the valley saved from the waters. Greeter, she was already one without knowing it since she has been taking her relatives, friends and other visitors to these places for several years!

“La Creuse, naturally”!”

Go with her to discover the village with an unusual destiny, on the banks of the Cher in Chambonchard. It is actually here that she gave us an appointment! No question of posing elsewhere than on the bridge “I love this river, it is beautiful, especially in winter, it is the season I prefer to come and walk here! The river is wild and natural, it’s superb!”

No doubt, she will know how to rally you to her cause. Because make no mistake, if she knows the surroundings so well it’s because she was in all the fights when it was a question of burying the valley under a dam. Fervent opponent of the project, she will tell you funny anecdotes of nature festivals and will introduce you to the natural wealth of this Natura 2000 classified area. Keep your eyes peeled, you may encounter the discreet yellow-bellied toads!

Need a little pick-me-up? Andrée will lead you to her good spots with, if you wish, a stop in a country bistro where time seems to have stopped. She will enthusiastically share her best viewpoints known to date only to locals. The key: a breathtaking panorama.

But breath, Andrée has it for two! She is inexhaustible!!!