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Sophie Marnier

Following Sophie’s footsteps is sure to reveal the intimate side of our department. As she likes to say, “you have to search to understand Creuse”. So it is better to be accompanied !

“La Creuse, my love!”

Sophie will lead you to her favorite placesaround La Souterraine, from the tour of Bridiers through natural places “of the corner”. If she has a preference for libells, she will not fail to tell you more generally about the local fauna and flora.

But Sophie is also a real walking diary! Always ready to unearth a cool concert, open-air showrooms or other guinguette by the water. She travels the roads of Limousin all year round…. So count on her to share her cultural and gastronomic favorites.

With a smile on her lips and in a relaxed manner, Sophie reveals the charms of her Creuse.