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Spot of Roche Gallet

Among the three dam lakes that follow one another on the Creuse between Jouillat and Bourg d’Hem, the Chézelles lake has remained the wildest. It shelters in particular the otter and the peregrine falcon.

General presentation of the Spot

The lake can be crisscrossed by taking the hiking trail along the right bank travels to the village of Jupille and allows you to go to the rock.

It is a set of rocks that plunge directly into the waters of the dam on the Creuse. An important set of footbridges allows to go from one end to the other.

Access and Parking:

Rochers located in the commune of Bourg d’Hem with access through the village of Jupille in the commune of Anzème. From Guéret (15min) take the D33 direction Anzême, pass Anzême, then direction Le Bourg d’Hem by the D33, then Jupille.
About 10-15mn walk from the parking. When parking, be careful not to disturb the residents. From Jupille, a path descends to the gorges (westward) where the cliffs dominate the Creuse, a footbridge over the EDF lake allows access to the cliff.


– Number of quickdraws: 15 maximum
– Provide a single rope of 60 meters minimum or double rope of 2×30 meters.


The Roche Gallet rock (also known as Jupille rock) is a peregrine falcon breeding site (municipalities of Anzème and Bourg-d’Hem).
In order to guarantee the conservation of the biotope necessary for the breeding, feeding, resting and thus the survival of the peregrine falcon species.

The following are prohibited in the delimited area:

– From February 1 to June 15 inclusive:
> Access to this area except for owners (…).
> The practice of climbing, rappelling and maintenance of climbing routes.

– At any time, the filling or extraction of materials from the ground and subsoil, the purging of blocks on rock faces (…).

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