RoamingExplore the Creuse on foot or by bikeTours of several days
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The Creuse in roaming

The Creuse is offering more and more itinerary routes to be completed in autonomy and in several days. On the bike side, there are flagship products like the Tour de la Creuse à Vélo, the Grande Traversée VTT® or the V87. Itineraries that can be modulated to your liking for adventures from two to ten days or more. On the pedestrian trail side, there are also many possibilities with GR®P, GR®, but also the path to Santiago de Compostela. So don’t hesitate any longer to embark on roaming for journeys where the wind of freedom and discovery blows!

©GRP de Pyas à Saint Martin Chateau-VTT et rando-Syndicat Mixte des Pays Sud Creusois-02/07/2016|JOEL_DAMASE

Mountain bike

For a 3 to 6 day trip

The Grande Traversée VTT® de la Creuse is broken down into two distinct routes departing from the La Souterraine train station (Toulouse-Paris line). Both can be done in a few days. Count 3 to 6 days depending on your level of practice and if you wish to make many stops to discover the many sights of the route.

  1. La Souterraine – Monts de Guéret – La Souterraine : 264 km – 4.500 D+
  2. La Souterraine – Monts de Guéret – Aubusson : 262 km – 5.000 D+

For a weekend of 2 to 3 days

Since it meshes well the three communes of La Souterraine, Guéret and Aubusson, the Grande Traversée can be modulated as you wish. Start from La Souterraine to arrive in Guéret (123 km / 2451m D+) or start from Guéret to go to La Souterraine (142 km / 2103m D+) or to Aubusson (138 km / 2509m D+). All pleasures are allowed !


For a one-week trip

The Tour de la Creuse à Vélo which is a loop all around the department starting from Crozant is a perfect cycling itinerary for one week. Its 322 km divided into 12 stages allow you to take your time discovering the richness of the Valley of the Painters, the Lake of Vassivière, Aubusson, capital of the tapestry or the east of the Creuse. Beware, however, of the 4647m of D+ on the route.

For an itinerary of more than a week

This is a route inaugurated in 2022. The Vagabonde and its 500 km starts from Montluçon in the Allier to arrive in Montech in the Tarn et Garonne. In between, the circuit passes through Creuse (150 km from Evaux-les-Bains to Royère-de-Vassivière), Corrèze and Lot. A rather steep itinerary that is intended for experienced cyclotourists.

Of course, you can survey these two circuits over 2 or 3 days by cutting them up and riding only on one or two stages.


For a 2 to 3 day itinerary

The Creuse has several GR®P (sentiers de grande randonnées de pays) that can be hiked in several days. On the side of Guéret and the Chabrières forest, there are two: the Boucle de l’eau (76 km) and the Boucle du Loup (48 km). The GR®P Cascades, moors and peat bogs, which runs from Bourganeuf to Royère-de-Vassivière, tops out at 64 km.

For a roaming trip of more than 3 days

As Creuse is right in the center of France, it is an obligatory passage for many GR®. Several loops of the GR®P Val de Creuse pass through the Creuse at Crozant and Fresselines. The Vezelay way of the Way of St Jacques de Compostelle (GR®654) has two stages in the Creuse between Crozant, La Souterraine and Bénévent-l’Abbaye. The GR4 passes through Bourganeuf, Aubusson and Crocq.

The Creuse in pictures

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