Great mountain bike crossingof the Creuse

Grande Traversée VTT de la Creuse

Two sections according to your desires

In the heart of France, in the Limousin region,the Grande Traversée de la Creuse is ideal for a first approach to itinerant mountain biking and/or a short proximity stay with friends. For now, already two sections are operational between La Souterraine, the Monts de Guéret and Aubusson.

The Grandes Traversées VTT® are intended for roaming and discovering territories. These long-distance itineraries, which cross entire massifs or departments, are conducive to escape and the discovery of wild landscapes. These itineraries allow you to get away from it all on your mountain bike in complete peace of mind, since specific markers (red beacons) and a topographical guide are available to help you on your way. The Grandes Traversées are of variable difficulty, look carefully at the description of the itinerary and do not hesitate to contact the reception points to prepare your stay. We are lucky, France is a dream destination! 14 Grandes Traversées VTT® are labeled by the French Cycling Federation in 2021, and among them the Grande Traversée de la Creuse !

First section: 265 km – about 4,500 D+

Starts/finishes are from the train station in La Souterraine. The GT 23 is a loop that passes through Dun-le Palestel and allows you to ride around the Monts de Guéret.On the route, rural roads, singles in the heart of the forests, small typical villages combine with manystunning panoramas to make your experience unforgettable.

The stages:

  • La Souterraine / Bussière-Dunoise: 39 km (588 D+)
  • Bussière-Dunoise (Camping area) / Saint-Silvain-Montaigut: 40 km (805D+)
  • Saint-Silvain-Montaigut / Guéret: 44 km (1058 D+)
  • Guéret / Saint-Laurent: 44 km (813 D+)
  • Saint-Laurent / Bussière-Dunoise (Camping Area): 59 Km (738 D+)
  • Bussière-Dunoise / La Souterraine: 39 km (552 D+)

Second section: 262 km – about 5,000 D+

The start of this second section is at the SNCF station of La Souterraine. The first three stages are modeled on those of the first section betweenLa Souterraine and the Monts de Guéret discovering the singles in the forest and the natural drop. Arriving at Guéret, you then branch off to the east towardmany typical villages and historic castles. The route continues until you arrive in Aubusson, capital of Tapestry.

The stages:

  • La Souterraine / Bussière-Dunoise: 39 km (588 D+)
  • Bussière-Dunoise (camping area) / Saint-Silvain-Montaigut: 40 km (805 D+)
  • Saint-Silvain-Montaigut / Guéret: 44 km (1058 D+)
  • Guéret / Ahun: 43 km (831 D+)
  • Ahun / Mainsat: 53 km (853 D+)
  • Mainsat / Aubusson: 42 km (825 D+)

Practical Information

Average length of the route:Between 3 and 7 days

Driving Level:Medium

1 st June 2021 (1st section) – Open all year round
Sections will be open every year until 2024


  • Open all year round, a quality course offered in the heart of France, in the middle of the countryside, offering a variety of landscapes and practices
  • 3 VTT-FFC® sites located on the itinerary
  • Start/finish of a SNCF station (Paris-Limoges-Toulouse line), a tourist reception point, on the route of the V56, a cycle route registered on the national scheme
  • GPS track downloadable on the website
  • A good network of accommodation and services along the route
La Creuse,

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land of the mountain bike

La Creuse, Land of Games

Guéret, Olympic preparation center