Geocaching Terra Aventura

Are you on vacation in the Monts de Guéret and looking for a playful activity to do with your family? Discover the meanders of theforest of Chabrières near the Parc Animalier des Monts de Guéret, wander through the landscapes along the Gorges de la Creuseor even discover the historic heart of the city of Guéret: here is the program that awaits you with theenigmas of Terra Aventura! Become real adventurers and discover the territory and landscapes in a new way through a digital treasure hunt Made In Limousin.

Terra Aventura: The digital treasure hunt!

Terra Aventura is geocaching.An original walk, atreasure hunt of a few kilometers thanks to a GPS, to play and discover the territory, the local heritage and its anecdotes.

Thanks to the100% free smartphone application Terra Aventura, go on adventure !Raise clues, solve riddles, search for treasure, find a cache… This is the principle of Terra Aventura. Go through the Monts de Guéret with the objective of collecting the famous rewards:Poi’z! These are badges representing small characters with strong characters populating the universe of Terra Aventura!”

This new generation geocaching with fantastic notes allows you to share unique moments with your family, visit or revisit the territory in a fun and new way, and is aimed at both locals and travelers to meet places often unusual or unknown: something to learn with each riddle!

Terra Aventura now has 500 caches spread across the New Aquitaine and 34 Poï’z to collect ! It is therefore the opportunity to travel while having fun between the Creuse and the South West of France.

Terra Aventura in the Monts de Guéret

Go on an adventure, discover Terra Aventura and become a geocacher… Because 4 routes are waiting for you in the Monts de Guéret ! And of course, here are the Poï’z that you will have to track down:

4 Poï’z are to be discovered in the Monts de Guéret:

  • Zahan : “If the wolf was there”, near the Parc Animalier des Monts de Guéret “Les Loups de Chabrières”
  • Zaïtek: “Chaminadour, the heart of Guéret” in the city of Guéret*

  • Zéïdon : “The gorges of the Creuse” in Anzême
  • Zellé : “The challenges of the Puy de Gaudy” in Sainte-Feyre

*Warning! The cache “Chaminadour, the heart of Guéret” is a so-called “virtual” cache. The poï’z are to be picked up at the reception of the Grand Guéret Tourist Office following your discovery of the cache. Remember to memorize the mystery word.

The new season is coming!

Get ready, the new season of Terra Aventura is coming on Saturday, July 02 at 09:00 a.m. including 43 new courses to discover throughout New Aquitaine.

To prepare for this 12th and new season of Terra Aventura, download the new 2022 caches map, and go here to prepare for the launch of the new season: Prepare for the new Terra Aventura season

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Great! We had a great time as a family on this superb and very instructive walk, with a superb viewpoint and beautiful shaded parts.

carine86000 - Cache " Les défis du Puy de Gaudy " in Sainte-Feyre

Terra Aventura

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Tèrra Aventura en Nouvelle-Aquitaine : la plus grande chasse aux trésors touristique du monde
Tèrra Aventura en Nouvelle-Aquitaine : la plus grande chasse aux trésors touristique du monde
Tèrra Aventura en Nouvelle-Aquitaine : la plus grande chasse aux trésors touristique du monde
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