Fly over the Creuse and the Monts de Guéret with a thrill-filled, nature-friendly activity: the glider! Sensations guaranteed! The club Planeurs en Creuse offers you to discover the Monts de Guéret and the department of La Creuse seen from the sky ! Immersions offered to the whole family from the Aerodrome of Guéret Saint-Laurent.

The glider, what is it?

The glider is aplane without engine that is very simply piloted, allowing you to fly without using any other energy than the force of air currents. Flying a glider means playing with the natural elements with a lightweight, high-performance machine. This providesunique sensations.

The different options

  • The baptism

During a 30-minute flight with an experienced pilot you will fly over Guéret and the surrounding area to discover the Creuse countryside. (Rate : 85 €)

  • Stage 3 or 6 days

At your command, the 3 or 6 day course integrates you to the club to begin your initiation to piloting with an instructor.

  • Pilot glider certificate

The baptism was not enough for you and you want to take the controls ? Become a glider pilot and join the club!

The Club

PLANEURS EN CREUSE exists since 2012 with about twenty active members. The club is installed for 3 years on the airfield of GUERET SAINT LAURENT. The goal is to diversify the activity of the airfield and make aviation accessible to all. The youngest can from 14 years learn to fly a glider in order to open, perhaps, to an aeronautical career.

Aerodrome Guéret Saint-Laurent (near the D4 in the direction of the town of Saint-Laurent)

Opening period

  • Off season: Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 7pm
  • In season (July and August): All week from 10am to 8pm
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