A little warmth at the Café-chaud
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A little warmth at the Café-chaud

On this freezing winter day, we pushed open the door of the Café-chaud, place Saint-Jacques, in La Souterraine

Published on 10 February 2022
©Service Tourisme Pays Sostranien

An emblematic bar of La Souterraine


If Creuse has poured its share of migrants to the Paris region, Ana and Franck have traveled the opposite path. Chance led them to settle in June 2006 in our town.

Pierrot Mourioux, the former owner, entrusted them with the keys to his establishment, but much more than that, his soul.

We were keen to keep the spirit of the Café-Chaud

“It was important to keep this friendly, convivial and family atmosphere,” Franck tells us. Here everyone is treated the same. The clientele displays a nice mix, both social and cultural. Tourists and locals cross paths and the teachers’ tables rub shoulders with those of the students.

The decor has changed, but “we have only followed the path traced by Pierrot”…

A place to meet and live

Bar, fast food, Française des Jeux, Relay Colis, we expected it…

But olive oil, strawberries, turkeys or apple juice? Here are more surprising products.

Ana and Franck also support small producers. The corner of the bar becomes a seasonal stall, creating a beautiful community synergy.

The Place Saint-Jacques has a strong cultural character with its cinema and media library, and it is not uncommon for debates to end over a drink at the bar.

If the tables miss the cafés-philo now on hiatus, they host the English-speaking writers’ club. On the walls are displayed the artists who find there open gallery. The place is open to theater, readings and concerts. And it is a pleasure to see the dancers invade the street.


Tourism question, Franck, Anna and their children, have crisscrossed our roads of Creuse. To passing tourists they know how to indicate the must-see places in the area. But Franck’s advice is always the same: “Get lost in the countryside!” Wise principle for who wants to discover the hidden wonders !

Passing through La Souterraine? Don’t hesitate to walk through the doors of the Café-Chaud. Breakfast, coffee or aperitif? The smile is offered without extra charge!