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Discover pretty guided audio tours that will lead you to discover exceptional flora and fauna. Follow your route with the app available for free on and audio commentary in French and English on the heritage… Have a nice walk!

Around the ponds of the Cazine in Noth – 9km

While spring and autumn are very suitable periods for birdwatching, this hike-guide route holds so many surprises and hidden treasures that it is a pleasure to walk there in any season. One of the “must” hikes in the Sostranian Country!

Water and Men…
The audio-guided hike of Noth offers you a circuit, amazing and well named because water will surprise and charm you.
Mysterious, it hides at the bottom of a well at ground level. Lively and tumultuous, it rushes under a wooden footbridge. Carrier of secrets, it deafens near a hidden wash-house. Quiet and dormant, it sees the twigs tremble in a wet mirror.

Under the flight of migrants

If the pond seems to be asleep, it is to better reflect the fluttering of wings. Set down on the lookout, and you’ll get a taste of the most wonderful show. Whether you let yourself be carried along by the guide, or whether you simply follow the signs, this is a hike with a change of scenery…

Rando-Guide La Cazine - Noth
Rando-Guide La Cazine - Noth
Rando-Guide La Cazine - Noth

The Faille des 3 Provinces in Saint-Agnant-de-Versillat – 8km

A short but intense circuit that discovers varied landscapes in contact with a geological fault.

At the edge of the Sédelle…

This new route stamped “randoguide” evolves near St Agnant de Versillat, not far from La Souterraine. It takes the curious to discover the Sédelle River along the meanders it forms as it crosses the granite hills of the Marche.

Between nature and human heritage

Numerous viewpoints perched on the “Peus” dot the 8km route, alternating with crossings of the valley floors. History and human heritage are also well represented with particularities such as the “borne des Trois Provinces”, the lantern of the dead or the elegant Font Saint-Martin, a former good fountain overlooking the village.

These are just some of the singularities to discover along the route. Bridge-plank, hollow paths lined with low dry stone walls, heather and juniper moors, abandoned cross… Many peculiarities are addressed on this hike-guide route, which also has an audio-guided interpretation content available free on smartphone.

Rando-Guide La Faille des 3 Provinces - St Agnant de Versillat
Rando-Guide La Faille des 3 Provinces - St Agnant de Versillat
Rando-Guide La Faille des 3 Provinces - St Agnant de Versillat

Randoguide des Monts de Saint-Goussaud – 12,5km

A remarkable fauna and heritage
Go for a nice walk around the Tourbière de Friaulouse, a protected area where the flora is exceptional and fragile, without forgetting also the discovery of an ancient heritage.

From the beginning, you will walk along a hollow path, lined with low walls as we like them in Creuse, which will lead you to an old fishing washhouse located at the source of Rivalier, a tributary of the Gartempe.

La Tourbière de Friaulouse

Thanks to a audio-guide, which can be downloaded for free on your Smartphone, this stopover at the Tourbière de Friaulouse is important, because you are explained what a peat bog is, how it was formed, explanations of its history, its environment… Enough to convince you that our environment is precious and that it is absolutely necessary to preserve it!

Villages, fisheries…

Continue your stroll from small village to small village and dive into history: remarkable houses, fisheries, wash houses, fountains, mills… Then, take a step up to the Puy des Roches to enjoy a panorama of the Limousin countryside and the surrounding forest. Not far from there join the site of the Roche Guéry, passing superbly restored shepherds’ lodges, until reaching the top of the walk at Mont Jouër.

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