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Nature Escape

Go for a walk in our gardens and more particularly at theArtbotanic Garden in St Agnant de Versillat where Lionel, its owner, will be happy to show you around while sharing his passion for nature. Continue your walk inwetland of the Chapuisette, to the Garden of Bridiers near the pond of Cheix or even in the vicinity of the pond of Cazine... In territory Pays Sostranien, nature is offered to you and it is not for nothing that the municipality of La Souterraine has embarked on the development of an atlas of communal biodiversity, sensitive to the protection of its natural environment.

Awakening the senses at the Artbotanic garden

It is on a hilly terrain irrigated by a stream that Lionel Erwerz has modeled the Artbotanic garden, northwest of the Creuse on the commune of Saint-Agnant
de Versillat. This landscape designer graduated from the LENÔTRE (Versailles) and TECOMAH schools has created amazing spaces. Open your eyes, ears and nostrils!

A journey of initiation.

You enter this garden like a sanctuary, after purification in the foot bath. Nothing should disturb the harmony created. To the right flows the stream and we are already ecstatic about the colorful picture of the mixed plants. But a smell tickles our nostrils. It is the caress of English roses. Powerful, fruity and refreshing, their perfume is tinged with a drop of pear wine or a hint of Myrrh It is in this fragrant setting that Lionel has hidden his favorite tree.

Do you know the Wollemia nobilis?

This pine tree that was only known as a fossil was discovered in 1995 in the depths of the Australian forest. A Jurassic tree here? By adopting a Wollemia nobilis, Lionel is helping to maintain the species. It is necessary to admit that it is cracking this pine with the blistered bark and the needles in the shape of feathers.
Two small bridges and then go away Cross the stream and enter the serenity. The Zen garden has been designed using elaborate techniques. The harmony between mineral, vegetable, water releases an energy favourable to the meditation. Here the patio invites you to rest.

Birds’ Eden

Let yourself be lulled by the songs of the birds. Woodpeckers, kingfishers and cuckoos answer to white peacocks and diving ducks. Plumages and antlers give a sonorous and colorful relief to this extraordinary garden.

Artbotanic Garden 06 37 47 45 88
31, route de la Souterraine, 23300 ST AGNANT DE VERSILLAT
E-mail :

Tastes and colors at the Bridiers garden

At the foot of the keep, stretches a small medieval-inspired garden. Pass under the arbour to discover its skillfully orchestrated composition. Squares girded with chestnut plessis delimit the growing spaces. Nourishing vegetable garden and orchard, square of the simple ones, garden of Marie… Fragrances mingle to evoke philtres, ointments and potions, magical or evil decoctions.
The Bridiers garden is open, free entrance, all year round

La Chapuisette, walk on the riverbank

In the middle of town you find a small path that follows a river. Follow its banks without hesitation. You will come across ducks and other birds. You will hear the croaking of the yellow-bellied toad. Because here fauna and flora are protected. Let yourself wander…

What do you have in your garden?

As part of the launch of its atlas of communal biodiversity (ABC), the City of La Souterraine is offering you, throughout the year, a vast program of free nature animations with local naturalist experts. This operation of awareness and census of the biodiversity of the Sostranian gardens is entitled “What do you have in your garden?”.

This summer, seven thematic outdoor animations are offered:

Saturday, JUNE 26 “Pollinators” Times: From 10am to 12:30pm | Rates: Free | On registration
Tuesday, July 06 “Bats and the world of the night” Times: From 20h to 23h | Rates : Free | On registration
Saturday, July 24 ” Nature in the garden ” Schedules : From 14h to 16h | Rates : Free | On registration
Friday, August 13 ” The small animals of the ponds ” Schedules : From 14h to 16h | Rates : Free | On registration
Friday August 27 ” The fauna of the garden ” Schedules : From 14h to 16h | Rates : Free | On registration
Saturday September 04 ” Nature in the garden ” Schedules : From 14h to 16h | Rates : Free | On registration
Saturday September 18 ” Nature in the garden ” Schedules : From 14h to 16h | Rates : Free | On registration

Registration to the animations is mandatory to participate !
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