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We took a break at the Bar Du Marché!

On the market place in La Souterraine

Let yourself be tempted by the covered terrace stretching into its corner

You will be welcomed there by Séverine.

Published on 9 March 2022

I’m not here to revolutionize everything,

And it’s true that she is committed to preserving the spirit of the neighborhood bar.
For all that, her artistic touch is everywhere.

Here are jumbled paintings, here a sculpture.

And even the indispensable advertisements that are cut and pasted back together to match the decor.

She even managed to integrate a semblance of a fireplace!”

Severine pays attention to detail and welcomes you like an attentive housewife.

The takeaway, she had anticipated it.

Not that she had predicted the health crisis.


with common sense and kindness, she had thought of the needs of the street vendors.

For “the market is the reward of the week!”

The square comes alive, teeming with a small world free of daily worries.

We greet each other, we chat.

All ages cross paths in a friendly bustle.

So we take the time to sit down for a moment to remake the world or talk about the rain and the weather.
If you’re passing by, walk through the door of the Market Bar.

You’ll feel like you’re walking into a confidential place, but you’ll soon realize that everyone is welcome.

Here we think above all of your well-being.

The atmosphere is intimate and perfect for drinking a chocolate or meeting with friends.



Logo: François Hedin