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Fresque de Bridiers - La CreuseFresque de Bridiers - La Creuse
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Cultural meetings

The Creuse, besides its image of preserved, wild and secret countryside, is also a vast and varied cultural reservoir. Like its different landscapes after each turn, it cultivates eclecticism and invites artists from all walks of life to its stages: singers, dancers, actors, comedians, storytellers, writers, etc. This is the case of the Espace Culturel Yves Furet in La Souterraine, which offers a beautiful cultural program every year, or Micro-Folie, which gives easier access to culture for all… and not forgetting, of course, the Fresque de Bridiers, a wonderful human adventure for a live show mixing history and emotions!

Centre Culturel Yves Furet

Between headliners and the discovery of new artists my heart sways! The Centre Culturel Yves Furet in La Souterraine invites you for music, theater, dance, circus appointments… on a stage that one imagines to be small but oh so big with its dynamism. So as soon as the cultural program is released, remember to reserve your seats quickly to attend the various shows, concerts and meetings offered. And yes, you are in La Souterraine, a town of only 5300 inhabitants and yet has a beautifulperformance hall. Here, themeeting with the artists, whether they are nationally renowned or lesser known, is friendly, accessible and almost intimate. That’s also why we like to come and spend a few evenings with two, friends or family.

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Micro-Folie is afree, friendly cultural venue that offers the opportunity to discover the ever-changing masterpieces of our greatest cultural institutions through the Digital Museum. Adult or child visitors can sharpen their creativity through dedicated spaces: FabLab, scenic space, virtual reality space… The Micro-Folies also allow the circulation of local and national artistic projects.

A unique digital museum

The Digital Museum is an innovative device composed of a giant screen, on which a film scripting the works of the partner institutions is shown, and synchronized tablets that offer complementary content on the works. This tool provides access to hundreds of works gathered to date: from Egyptian antiquity to Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, from the conquest of space to the major pieces of the Cour d’honneur of the Palais des Papes… This content can be of several types: painting, sculpture, design, architecture, scientific videos, concert, theater, dance, etc.

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Historical Fresco of Bridiers

August 6, 7, 8, and 9 – Medieval Site of Bridiers – La Souterraine

“One day the Victory” For the duration of a show, the medieval site of Bridiers is metamorphosed into a gigantic open-air theater with more than 400m of stage opening. Pontoons, footbridges, stages, sets, palisades, paths, marshes… everything has been imagined to give the show its full dimension in front of the incredible 2000-seat amphitheater allowing permanent interactivity between the actors and the audience… Be the unexpected actors of this grandiose fresco filled with emotions!

From the call of June 18, 1940 to the evening of May 8, 1945, the fresco 2021 traces the destiny of 5 characters plunged into the turmoil of the Second World War, from their daily lives in their Creuse village under the occupation to their political commitment for freedom.

The Historical Fresco of Bridiers is a human adventure… which brings together and federates more than 500 actors and volunteers of all ages, all origins, well beyond the territory of La Souterraine for a live show mixing history and emotions, which has become in a decade the annual event that also celebrates the family, friendship, the taste of others and self-sacrifice.

Under the aegis of the Association for the Enhancement of the Bridiers Heritage. With the support of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation and that of the National Office for Veterans and Victims of War.
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