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Sostran bars and bistros

We have seen with our eyes the KILUKRU!

Country bistros, an endangered species?
Who would have thought to see four young people saving the one in Bazelat.

Published on 14 February 2022
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An unusual story


It all begins on the roads to Compostela.
Valentin, the pilgrim, decides to settle on this path.
His steps carry him to the Chapelle Baloue where he sets up Le Colibri de Compostelle, a donativo (free-price) refuge.

Aurélie joins him, soon followed by Pauline and Sylvain.
Bordeaux, Burgundy, Blois, Poitiers and the Paris region are forgotten.

The high-level sportswoman, the actors and the pilgrim find in Bazelat the walls to shelter their desires.
They discover the village under the rain, but the warmth of the welcome seduces them.

Here they find the proper state of mind to develop their associative bar.

Supported by the municipality, our four friends attack the work.
Decorated the old sign Chez Valou, the letters KILUKRU are now displayed on the facade.

Take the door. Whatever the smile behind the bar, it will be frank and friendly.

Aurélie, Pauline, Valentin and Sylvain take turns to welcome you in all simplicity.

A revamped zinc, where it is good to huddle, tables that seem to wait for the card players of Cézanne, and even a lounge area for moments of idleness.

The decor combines deliciously old-fashioned charm and assumed modernity.
Grandma’s cupboard presents local and organic products.
On the walls are displayed contemporary works by a local artist. For here any creator can come and propose his works.

Everything is designed to meet the needs of the clientele, but also to create new ones.

So every Thursday evening is devoted to chess, initiation and game.
In a spirit of sharing, various workshops are offered:
children’s games, board games, music evenings, documentary screenings-debates, conferences …

You will have understood, the place is open to projects, talents, exchanges and mixity.

More than a country bar it is a place of life, meetings and sharing. Perma Kulturel is on the business card.

And like any good self-respecting local bistro, you can also share meals here. A healthy cuisine awaits you, vegetarian or traditional.

The specialty? Kilukru, of course! Want to know more about it? Head over to meet this aptly named place without further ado!