Vallée des peintresVallée des peintres
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Roadbook – The Valley of the Painters

From the confluence of the two Creuses at Fresselines, the site that inspired Monet, the route leads to Crozant and then La Souterraine. Then, heading east towards Noth, La Celle-Dunoise, le Bourg-d’Hem and Anzême. After Bonnat and Châtelus-Malvaleix, Toulx-Sainte-Croix and the site of the Pierres Jaumâtres are the milestones towards Boussac and its castle.

The Directional recommended

About 134km – 5h

Start in FRESSELINES (Espace Monet-Rollinat)

Right at the Church (Monet’s bust and Rodin’s bas-relief), then right on D44 (d° Dun-le-Palestel). After the Pont de Vervy to the right then right again d° Crozant.

Cross Crozant then left at the ruins site (medieval castle), d° Vitrat. Left into Vitrat then left on D913 and right before the Pont de la Sédelle on D72.

Follow D72 via Jonon,La Chapelle-Baloue, Pot Bouché, La Maisonbrot, Saint-Agnant-de-Versillat.

At the entrance to La Souterraine (Church of Our Lady in the distance across the street), at the stadium: on the left (Etang du Cheix on the left), then left on D912 d° Bridiers (Medieval keep on the left).

Cross Bridiers, take the D951 to the right then immediately left onto D74 d° Noth.

In Noth, left onto D49 (Etang de la Cazineon the left) to Saint-Léger-Bridereix.

At the traffic light turn right onto D951 to Colondannes.

In Colondannes, right on D14 via Naillat to intersection with D913 and left from Dun-le-Palestel.

Before Dun-le-Palestel, at Chabanne, right on D47 d° St-Sulpice-le-Dunois via Gest.

A Saint-Sulpice-le-Dunois take D15 right to La Celle-Dunoise.

In La Celle-Dunoise(bridge over the Creuse on the left), right on D48A d° Le Cluzeau, les Chiers, Beausoleil, then D48 Le Vignaud and left on D14 to Anzême.

In Anzême, follow D14 (viewpoint overlooking La Creuse) to Le Villard and take a left on D33 then D33A to Le Bourg-d’Hem.

In Le Bourg-d’Hem, take a right on D48 (d° Fougères), then right on D15 (d° Bonnat) via Le Temple and Grandsagne.

Before entering Bonnat, turn right on D40. After Le Monteil, take opposite at the intersection with D940 d° Montagaud to Châtelus-Malvaleix.

In Châtelus-Malvaleix, follow D14 via Clugnat, Le Theix, Chaubier. Right on D13 then immediately left on D14 d° La Fayette to Toulx-Sainte-Croix (Observation Tower).

At Toulx-Sainte-Croix, follow D67 to Pradeau.

In Pradeau, turn right d° Boussac (site des Pierres Jaumâtres) via La Villette and Saint-Sylvain-Bas-le-Roc by D997 on the left.

Cross Boussac to the entrance of the Château (parking lot).

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