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A day around Boussac

A day around Boussac

Located in the North-East of the department, on the border of Cher, Indre and Allier, the Pays de Boussac is open to you! Here is an idea for an excursion to discover the natural and built heritage that this corner of Creuse offers you. Bring your best sneakers to discover Toulx-Sainte-Croix, enjoy a well-deserved lunch and go on a visit to the castle perched on its rocky spur! This day will allow you to follow in the footsteps of George Sand.

Start your day off right with this hike through the heritage of Toulx-Sainte-Croix.

Small village 12 kilometers from Boussac, it will offer itself to you through its Church with a separate bell tower and statues of lions, its Tower which offers you a breathtaking 360° panorama on 7 departments and finally this classified natural site, land of legends : Les Pierres Jaumâtres.

10.3 km of discovery of an exceptional built and natural heritage! Don’t hesitate to take your time so as not to lose a crumb of what Toulx-Sainte-Croix has to offer:

The only Creuse church of the Romanesque-Poitevin type, the Church of Saint-Martial has the particularity of having its bell tower separated from the nave due to the collapse, probably in the 16th century, of the three central bays. Three granite lions guard the entrances of this building classified as a historical monument since 1986;

The Panoramic Tower built on the initiative of Abbot Aguillaume and completed in 1957, is located at the highest point of the mountain (655 m), at the place called “Brûdalis” at the very location of the Gallic signal tower ;

Les Pierres Jaumâtres, a classified site grouping about forty granite blocks, sometimes in balance, is a land of legends: giants, fairies, druids, etc., all this beautiful world would have taken up residence on Mount Barlot.

-> Find the route of the circuit here

Gourmet break at the Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres

At the chalet restaurant the motto is to offer “home-made“.

The owners strive to work with local producers in order to source the best products while promoting the region. Don’t hesitate to try the Fondu Creusois, a specialty of the department based on melted Camembert served with homemade fries and local ham. You can also enjoy various mixed salads and for meat lovers, pieces of beef. In case you feel a little peckish on your way back down from the Pierres Jaumâtres, the Chalet also offers pancakes and other delicacies accompanied by hot or cold drinks.

The Chalet restaurant is open 7 days a week from April to September. It is also open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in March, October and November.


Château de Boussac - Ouverture 2020
Château de Boussac - Ouverture 2020
Château de Boussac - Ouverture 2020

To end the day, let yourself be seduced by the charms of the châtau de Boussac

An architectural monument from the 12th century, the château de Boussac has had a tumultuous history. Sometimes destroyed, sometimes rebuilt and then embellished, reconverted into a sub-prefecture, a gendarmerie, an annex of the fairground where pigs would have been parked. It is with a rare taste that the castle was renovated by its current owners. In addition, the castle has a close link with George Sand since she stayed there several times. Part of the country novel Jeanne actually takes place at the château de Boussac and she discovered the famous tapestries of the Lady with the Unicorn there. Fireplaces, tapestries, period woodwork… this visit is a real trip into the past!

Open every day from Easter to All Saints from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm. By reservation the rest of the year. Guided tour only.

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