sermur-cef-fifine-fouine--j-damase-2015-16.jpgEnfants courant dans les chemins dans la forêt dans la Creuse
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Two new caches!Geocaching in Creuse

Two new Terra Aventura caches in Creuse!

Located in the South-East of Creuse, this charming village offers a new Geocaching Terra Aventura course and aplayground ideal to organize a family picnic. Idea for a day trip for children from 5 / 6 years and adults like to have fun :-)!

Morning: Zigomatix makes you zinzin in Auzances

This is one of the first new 2020 caches to experience! The Auzances route allows you to discover the built heritage and the Gallo-Roman past of this village. Zigomatix, has concocted a series of puzzles that leads the terr’adventurers to the final cache that is unlocked via a QR code (covid 19 obliges! ).

Practical information:
On the official website of Terra Aventura =>ICI

Lunch break: at the foot of Mont Barlot in Toulx Sainte Croix

I suggest a gourmet stop at the Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres, it’s a place I regularly visit with family or friends. The owners welcome you with a large choice of dishes, but I must admit that my preference goes to the famous “fondu creusois” :-). My favorite place is the terrace from which you can see your children frolicking in the grass.

Practical information:
We strongly advise you to make a reservation at 05 55 65 43 11
More information ICI

AFTERNOON: direction the park of Coux

Little known by the visitors, it is especially frequented by the creusois who spend there gladly an afternoon in family. On site you can enjoy the picnic tables all close to the small pond. Swings, slides, small zip line allow you to let off steam and some animals create a “mini-zoo” atmosphere. A few hundred meters from the park a walk is a must around the ruins of a Roman villa-gallo.

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