Bicycle and cheeseThe Creuse on a plateau

Bicycle and cheese

Pedal, discover, enjoy, that’s the promise of the “Bicycle and Cheese” operation, which offers you the dairy specialties of the Creuse on a platter. The Tour de la Creuse à vélo is the perfect “refined” itinerary to stop in villages with character. Like a pilgrim, discover the small chapels and castles that line the route and pretty routes along the water. Goat’s cheese, cow’s cheese and small markets will enliven your crossing of the department.

What better than bicycles and cheese to represent all the diversity of our heritage and know-how?

It is around these two positive and unifying trends that the Assembly of French Departments (ADF), the National Interprofessional Center of the Dairy Economy (Cniel), Tourism & Territories and Bicycle & Territories launched, in April 2019, the project“Bicycle & Cheeses, France on a platter”. Behind this concept are thematic bike routes around the cheese heritage of the departments.

The Departmental Council of Creuse and the Chamber of Agriculture have responded to the national call for projects to offer tours enhanced with stopping points to titillate the taste buds of cyclists, at cheese producers and artisans, or even on markets.

Thus, the following tours are labeled “Bikes and Cheeses:

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned cyclist, this itinerary is accessible to you, and invites you to combine physical effort and gustatory discovery. What to spend a time sporting and gastronomic at the same time!