L'éperon Rocheux De Crozant©j. DamaseL'éperon Rocheux De Crozant©j. Damase
©L'éperon Rocheux De Crozant©j. Damase


Crozant, a market town perched on a promontory overlooking the Creuse and the Sédelle Rivers, owes its fame as much to its landscapes and exceptional history as to its ‘school of painting’ of which its most famous devotee was Claude Monet.

The Crozant School of Painters

George Sand was the first to discover the site of Crozant, its deep valley and its picturesque landscapes. Following in her wake was a large number of artists who left their Parisian workshops to paint the subtle and changing light, the landscapes coloured by heather and broom, the flowing rivers and the ruins of the fortress overlooking the confluence.

Chopin followed her on her Creuse excursions, Maurice Rollinat fled Parisian life to come back to the country and Claude Monet repeated his visits in order to capture on his canvases how nature was transformed by the changing light and the capricious weather. And as for Armand Guillaumin, he became the best representative of the Crozant School. He tirelessly crossed the region for more than thirty years to paint, in every season and at every moment of the day, his preferred site.

The Valley of Painters

According to Armand Guillaumin, Eguzon dam, built in 1926, disfigured the wild landscapes of the Creuse Valley of the Painters. Postimpressionist art saw a large number of artists who had been staying in Crozant, Fresselines, La Celle Dunoise and Anzême leave. The ladies’ parasols and the painters’ easels left the Crozant School for other horizons.

Today, the site, changed by modern life, still remains an important place for all painters of different pictorial techniques. Claude Monet, Armand Guillaumin, Picabia, Madeline, as well as many others, immortalised with their paintbrushes the ruins of Crozant fortress, the Rocher de la Fileuse, Folie Mill, the old tree… Thus, the Valley of painters still travels the world through numerous exhibitions.

Must see:

– the ruins of the fortress
– Hotel Lépinat