Paysage La Celle Dunoise La CreusePaysage La Celle Dunoise La Creuse
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La Celle‑Dunoise

The charm of the Valley of the Impressionist Painters.

La Celle Dunoise, an alive painting

Nestled in the heart of the Valley of the Impressionist Painters of Creuse, the very picturesque village of La Celle-Dunoise appears as a haven of peace. Clinging to a hillside in the Creuse valley, the village seems to be an islet emerging from the greenery.
Since the middle of the 19th century, many painters have succumbed to the charm of the beautiful panorama of La Celle Dunoise and the great meander of the Sillons. At the entrance to the village, a painting by Eugène Alluaud (1866-1947), one of the outstanding representatives of the Crozant School, is on display for the visitor to see. From Glénic to Crozant, the Valley of the Impressionist Painters no longer includes the panoramic and sometimes more intimate sites that have been the work of so many famous painters.

And in the middle flows the Hollow….

The four-arch bridge that crosses the river reveals its medieval origins to the walker. The beauty of the area is combined with its dynamism. A whole range of activities contribute to the animation of one of the most beautiful villages in Creuse: canoeing, hiking and mountain biking trails, swimming…. as well as horseback riding. The equestrian centre “Le Paradis de Pablo” offers horse-drawn carriage rides through the village and its surroundings. Let yourself be driven on the roads and paths in a pleasant way to discover the landscapes of the Creuse.
Its open banks are ideal for fishing. Young and old can tease small and big fish in complete peace of mind (wearing a fishing card is mandatory, of course!). Crayfish may come to tickle your toes during an afternoon of discovering this practice, under the watchful eye of a fishing guide.