Cinema Le SénéchalGuéret

Cinema Le Sénéchal of Guéret

The cinema Le Sénéchal is a reference in Creuse in terms of programming: screenings of films Arts et Essai, participation in literary meetings “Les rencontres de Chaminadour”, exhibitions.

Le Sénéchal

Much more than a cinema, the Sénéchal is first and foremost aplace of life where all Creuse audiences gather. Located in the heart of the city of Guéret, it offers throughout the year a large number of films of all kinds to best satisfy the tastes of everyone.

The Sénéchal is a cinemaclassified Art et Essai, embellished with labels “young audience”, “research and discovery” and “heritage”. It is a place of culture dynamic that offers throughout the year, in addition to its programming, an agenda of events mixing cinema with many other artistic fields.

Nathalie Baye is godmother of the Sénéchal since 1999.

Information & Reservations

Discover the programming from the cinema’s website to plan your next movie outing in the Monts de Guéret!

Every Wednesday it’s only €5.90 a seat, for all, instead of €7.90 full price. The reduced rate, meanwhile, is €6.40.


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