Museum of Art and ArchaeologyGuéret

Museum of art and archaeology of Guéret

The museum, housed since 1905 in the Hôtel de la Sénatorerie has never undergone any work. In 2018 it begins its muse for the next two years. The reopening date is not yet known.

The work of the Museum

Closing of the Museum of Art and Archaeology of Guéret

Warning! Due to renovation work at the Museum of Art and Archaeology of Guéret, the latter is at this time closed to the public.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Senatorial Museum

The Musée de Guéret is not a museum like any other. Unique in Limousin, thismultidisciplinary museum gave to seeexceptional works around several strong themes.

Created in 1832 by the Society of Sciences of Creuse, it occupies the former Hôtel de la Sénatorerie and reflects the eclecticism of its donors.

It was notably known for:

  • a natural history room around the animals of the five continents
  • Flemish, Italian and French painting from the sixteenth to the twentieth century
  • sculpture with Rodin, Carpeaux, Quinquaud…
  • painters of the Creuse valley around Guillaumin, Madeline, Alluaud…
  • Limousin enamelware
  • Asian arts: China, Japan…
  • Egyptian, Gallo-Roman and medieval archaeology

And during this time…?

During the closure of the museum to the public for restructuring and construction of the collections, a route outside the walls is installed in downtown Guéret. It has about ten panels tracing both the history of the museum and its rich and varied collections. Mentioned are the painters of the Creuse Valley, the enamels of Limousin, Maurice Leloir and many others…

A leaflet is available to the public at the Tourist Office of Greater Guéret, at the Guéret City Hall, as well as at the entrance of the Jardin Public Ferdinand Villard.

What is the plan for the future?

  • The creation of a modern extension grouping the new reserves directly accessible from the museum
  • Reserves fully up to museum standards, guaranteeing the preservation of the collections and allowing for an increase
  • A regrouping of the Présidial collections on the same site
  • A new educational room to welcome school groups
  • A new library and documentation space accessible to students and researchers
  • A new reception area and a redesigned opening onto the city
  • A museum that is fully accessible and fully compliant with security/safety standards
  • A redesigned tour route and an expansion of the exhibition space, particularly for temporary exhibitions

The project’s players?

The project management competition for the museum’s restructuring was won by Paris-based Basalt Architecture (lead), in association with Fabienne Vandenbrouck for preventive conservation and the Benoit Lacointa Landscape Workshop, for the landscape aspects of the program.

Guéret Museum of Art and Archaeology
Hôtel de la Sénatorerie
23000 Guéret

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