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Our TOP 3 activities to dothis fall in the Monts de Guéret

Our selection of activities in the Monts de Guéret this fall

Here, we reveal our TOP 3 activities to practice this fall in the Monts de Guéret !

Our TOP 3

in the Monts de Guéret

Terra Aventura

in the Monts de Guéret

Terra Aventura is geocaching. An original walk, a treasure hunt of a few kilometers thanks to a GPS, to play and discover the territory, the local heritage and its anecdotes.

Thanks to the smartphone application 100% free Terra Aventura, go on an adventure! Pick up clues, solve riddles, search for treasure, find a cache… That’s what Terra Aventura is all about. Walk through the Monts de Guéret with the goal of collecting the famous rewards: the Poï’z! These are badges representing small characters with strong characters populating the universe of Terra Aventura!”

Go on an adventure, discover Terra Aventura and become a geocacher… Because 4 courses are waiting for you in the Monts de Guéret! And of course, here are the Poi’z you’ll have to track down:

The Aniamlier Park of the Monts de Guéret

The Wolves of Chabrières

Along a pleasant walk in the undergrowth, in the heart of a preserved nature, let yourself be guided to the wildest spaces. Cross the high wooden fence, approach silently. Take the time to scrutinize, listen and discover the wolf. With a keen and discreet eye, catch the wolf in its natural behavior: from cuddling to teething, from bathing to feeding, from curiosity to fear. A shaded path, punctuated by a few strategic observation points where confronting the gaze of the fascinating predator is unsuspecting make the Parc Animalier des Monts de Guéret a unique place.

The Giant Maze

of Guéret

Challenge yourself as a team, or challenge yourself to find the exit alone! Such is what the Giant Labyrinth of Guéret offers you. To find your way through this maze of greenery, the Labyrinth team provides you with several themes of questionnaires and depending on the answers you bring, you will orient yourself in the right or the wrong direction.

Average time to find the exit: 1 hour. In wet weather provide waterproof shoes.

But also...

The Escape Game

of the Giant Labyrinth

When you say fall, you also say (sometimes) rainy days. Don’t panic! We give you here an idea of additional activity to do even in case of capricious weather:the Escape Game of the Giant Labyrinth of Guéret.

Through 3 rooms with different themes and difficulties, try to solve the puzzles and find the exit in less than an hour!

Whether you’re with friends or family, moments of sharing guaranteed.