A day around Ahun

A day around Ahun

After two months at home meticulously dusting the baseboards of each room, patiently weeding the garden paths, methodically tidying the cupboards, cooking in ten different ways each vegetable bought from the market gardener in the next village…. Still, we sure do want a change of scenery! This is anice proposal for an incredibly amazing and exotic day out just a stone’s throw from home, to be enjoyed alone as well as with friends or children.

A few kilometers from Ahun, the village of Masgot offers a great playground for an active morning!

Wandering through the alleys to discover the traditional Creuse buildings is pleasant and doubled with a much more atypical discovery… The granite sculptures of François Michaud are scattered everywhere: on the wall of the vegetable garden, the facade of his first house, of the second, the wall of the courtyard… The fauna is very present, the flora too, but it is the characters of this stone people that impress. Napoleon, Jules Grévy, a crusader or Marianne live in this village. To meet them can astonish but it is especially necessary to imagine their genesis, the work of a man, a simple peasant, who in the 19th century dared to live his passion, stone cutting.

Around the hamlet, everything is beautiful and authentic.

Aquiet stroll and without difficulties goes through the undergrowth by beautiful hollow paths lined with dry-stone walls with tree vaults. The watercress house, the shepherd’s hut, the engraved resting place or the Tournadouère stone and its legend still evoke the presence of François Michaud. The life of yesteryear has frozen.

more info: www.masgot.fr

It’s time to eat!”

Good food and an incredible view combined are on the menu at Restaurant le Viaduc de Busseau sur Creuse. Le Viaduc is both a remarkable metal construction crossing the deep Creuse Valley and a renowned restaurant. The panoramic room embraces the site. At the table, the plates are beautifully decorated and … so good! It is good to take your time and fully enjoy this pleasant moment.

Portrait de Chef en Creuse : Laurent Le Mestre
Portrait de Chef en Creuse : Laurent Le Mestre
Portrait de Chef en Creuse : Laurent Le Mestre

An artistic end to the day

On the way back, why not continue to play the amazement card? It is in a beautiful village with buildings worthy of the masons of the Creuse that a wonderful and incredible work is hidden. The Church of Sous-Parsat is home to contemporary murals by Gabriel Chabrat. They represent the Old and New Testaments. Push the door, do not hesitate above all, you will be surprised, challenged and will never forget thisunusual discovery. The walls and the vault are entirely covered with frescoes, the stained glass windows extend the scenes, bringing changing luminous touches depending on the outside light. This work made of primary colors and disproportionate forms challenges both by these choices and by the strength it emits!

A religious work but not only

In a church, this theme seems obvious. However, here, the reading is double and if the believer immerses himself in the Bible, everyone will have the opportunity to reflect on his own life, his convictions, current events and the very meaning of the world around us.

In the village, Gabriel Chabrat has a gallery that pleasantly completes this timeless visit.

more info: www.gabrielchabrat.com

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