Hop FestivalSeptember 10, 2022 in Anzême
Anzême - The Avalée de la Kreuze

Hop Festival

September 10, 2022

Worthy of the beautiful harvest festivals for wine, but… for beer, this time! On September 10, 2022 will take place the 1st Hop Festival in the history in Limousin, at the Brewery La KreuZe & its brewpub, L’Avalée de la KreuZe in partnership with the association La P’tite Graine – Forges – Anzême.

An unprecedented celebration

In France, hop cultivation is historically concentrated in Alsace and Flanders. Often associated with beer, hops remain a little-known plant, whose cultivation and history are fascinating.

In order to help you discover the plant, and the content of this somewhat special day, each week we will do a small focus called “[𝔹𝕖𝕖𝕣 ℤ 𝕆𝕆𝕄]” that will deal with a topic and/or theme related to this event….

On the program:harvesting, picking and breakfast,workshops led around the plant (properties, cultivation, uses, outlets..) by Toni.
Concert with Vlad and Filou ( rock and accordions nonconformist) and especially the harvest beer with fresh hops on draft, beer brewed by Adeline from hops picked in the gardens and directly plunged into the tanks (a rare beer)

On site also, small catering with the association the P’tite Graine. (local products, fresh..)

A novel, festive event that will allow to discover the vast universe of beer.

Why this party?

It is organized by the micro brewery la Kreuze. In a small village near Guéret, a young couple from Creuse ( Adeline and Toni ,who are passionate about beers) are starting to brew artisanally using traditional methods (fire heating, brewing in the kiln and using local natural resources). Adeline learned the trade, she brews the beer on site named Kreuze,.

The DNA of their brewery is based on the use of hops that they grow on site directly in the brewery gardens. The garden is gorgeous in season, with those voluble, fragrant vines twining and dancing in the sun.

Toni is the couple’s beerologist and hop maker, trained by a Doemens beer sommelier in 2021. He leads tasting workshops and tours of the microbrewery. He is inexhaustible on the subject, both in terms of pure tasting, sensory analysis, as well as the history of beer.

The outcome towards the hops festival was therefore quite natural for this brewery, which has its own hop house and the place to promote it . It’s all there for a Beer Garden Day at the Avalée de la Kreuze.

Hop Festival on September 10 starting at 3pm

> and the rest of the year

The brewery is open for sale only :

Wednesday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm
Saturday from 10am to 12pm

Visits & Tasting

Tours of the brewery are only possible outside of the sales opening hours, only on request. If you wish to visit the brewery and the hop house, please contact us directly by phone at 06 50 14 01 48.

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