The Cazinight
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The Cazinight

October 16, 2021

After last year’s interruption, the Cazinight will take place this Saturday, October 16 in La Souterraine. The 9th edition of the remarkable night race is announced under a beautiful starry night…

Initially designed to play second fiddle to the Cazinade, the Cazinight trail has quickly established itself as a full-fledged event. With 430 competitors gathered in 2019 on the starting line, the organization attracts night runners from beyond the Creuse.

But why this craze for running at night?

A special atmosphere ideal for blending into nature

Night is another world, especially in the forest or open country, which are free of light pollution. It’s a good thing: except for the memorable passage at the foot of the castle of Bridiers, the route of the Cazinight courses evolves essentially in nature.

When everything -or almost everything- becomes dark, the perception of the environment changes. Hearing takes on a whole new dimension and opens up to the strange noises of animals.

In these conditions, some people find it easier to set their pace, and to listen to their sensations. And others discover themselves squarely more at ease in this exercise where visual attention nevertheless plays a preponderant role in the technical passages…

Friendliness despite everything

And if you’re afraid of the dark?You can always run in small groups.

Because the pack of runners is not only made up of challengeers. The Cazinight also recruits more casual runners who get together to share a fun experience, sometimes to the point of dressing up in bright, fluorescent colors, or even very decorative luminous lights, just to make a splash!

To know before clocking in at the start

As with many events, the Cazinight had to make some adaptations that take into account the covid crisis: online registration, mandatory health pass in addition to the classic medical certificate of no contraindication or license, refreshments only in drinks on the course, and post-race meal limited to 120 people.

In addition to these measures that authorize the conduct of the race, it is not useless to recall that to participate in one of the 3 proposed courses: 5, 10 or 17 km, it is mandatory to equip yourself with a headlamp, and that the cell phone is recommended…


9th edition – Saturday, October 6, 2021

3 courses: 5, 10 or 17 km

Start: Etang du Cheix – La Souterraine

Reception from 6pm

Health pass required

Valid license or medical certificate of no contraindication to running


No registration on site – online registration only

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