Naissance D'isaac Eglise De Sous Parsat©ot Creuse Thaurion GartempeNaissance D'isaac Eglise De Sous Parsat©ot Creuse Thaurion Gartempe
©Naissance D'isaac Eglise De Sous Parsat©ot Creuse Thaurion Gartempe


Sous-Parsat village is just a few houses in the heart of the Creuse countryside. Located a few kilometres from Ahun, its proximity to the Creuse Valley gives it landscapes of gentle, wooded hills, between forests and prairies.

A typical village, and yet…

The small village of Sous-Parsat is typical of the Creuse. Decorated in flowers and well maintained, its walls reflect all the know-how of the Creuse stonemasons. The houses are built in local granite as are the small, dry-stone walls bordering the fields. The fountain, washing place and drinking trough are evidence of a period when water was very precious and deserved the greatest of care.

In the heart of the village, open the doors of the church. It is unique! Who could imagine finding such a surprise here? Once through the door, red, blue and yellow on the walls, amazingly painted by the artist Gabriel Chabrat, catch the eye of the visitor. The frescoes painted by Gabriel Chabrat, who has a studio in the village, and the modern stained-glass windows produced in Limoges represent the old and new Testaments.

A magical village

Numerous hiking trails allow a discovery of the surrounding countryside, its sunken lanes, the ruins of a chapel and the cylindrical fountain in Mareilles hamlet and a few Gallo-Roman ruins.

Sous-Parsat is also Father Christmas’ village as, every year he visits here a little time before the festivities. So, the village is adorned with dozens of magical scenes and lights awaiting the arrival of the genial, white-bearded man. Around 100 children watch out for him amazed that they can get close, give him a hug and press their Christmas list into his hands. They follow him to his little house that is also brightly decorated where he can rest a little before leaving on his tour of the world.


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