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Awarded the “Loveliest Detours in France” label, Town of Tapestry, on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Aubusson, excellent caretaker of its weaving arts

The lovely town of Aubusson is globally known as the capital of tapestry. From the 15th-century unknowns up to the well-known such as Braque, Le Corbusier, Lurçat, Toffoli… through these artists Aubusson tapestry also recounts the history of humanity. Six centuries of patience, humility and creativity have made this town the capital of horizontal-loom tapestries. The whole chain of skills is represented: spinner, dyer, weaver, restorer… This ancient art is on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage.

Aubusson, “the beautiful”, also offers visitors a quality welcome and excellent places to visit. Built during the periods of the Gauls and the Romans where 5 valleys merge, Aubusson possesses an unusual architectural heritage, evidence of a rich cultural and historic past.

Aubusson, a town of history and heritage

The built heritage showcases the town’s history: turreted houses, the Clock Tower, the remains of the Château, Terrade bridge and small château, Sainte Croix church and the Rose Garden on the banks of the Creuse… The visits follow one after the other to enchant the visitor’s eye.

The panorama visible from the heights is nothing less than fabulous. The view of the town, the meandering Creuse, the terraced gardens and the houses tightly packed together separated by narrow streets and alleys is exceptional. The heart of the town is overlooked and protected by lush greenery clinging to the steep hills that confers a unique charm on the place.

Must see:

– The Cité internationale de la tapisserie
– The Weaver’s House
– Tapestry Cartoon Museum
– Workshops, galleries, tapestry producers…
– Seasonal exhibitions in the Town Hall


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